Puerto Escondido despite being named a hidden harbor has been well known by captains for centuries as the best safe haven from tropical storms in the Sea of Cortez. The hidden Hurricane hole!

The natural protection is created by nearly 360° of landmass including the spectacular 3000 foot Sierra de la Giganta around the bay. The geography provides a unique shield blocking the dangerous winds and waves from tropical storms providing unmatched natural protection for Marina Puerto Escondido. Life giving as well as beautiful the Sierra de la Giganta collects precipitation that sustains the creeks and aquifer which supply our harbor community.

Two iconic Cerro Tabor Palmilla peaks of this giant mountain range above the bay are unmistakable landmarks for over 50 miles as boats approach the hidden harbor. Their daily color changes with the sunrise and sunset are breathtaking and legendary. We have chosen these two distinctive peaks as symbols of the protective shield this giant mountain range provides this magical harbor. A shield was once an indispensable component of body armor and later became an emblem conferring status to nobleman representing the King. Achievements and a motto were artistically depicted on the shield making immediate recognition possible. Incorporating the Cerro Tabor Palmilla peaks and bay below into the shape of a Royal Shield further captures our vision to create an exclusive harbor community for yacht adventurers in the heart of the Sea of Cortez.

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